Owner, Mike Martin, Retiring After 34 Years of Service

“It’s tough to see this day finally come. Mike has too many admirable traits to mention. However, the legacy that remains in my mind, is that of a true servant leader. A man on the job who naturally added value to your life; value that far exceeded concrete knowledge – hard work, honesty, integrity, love for others and for oneself. This is the legacy we will carry into the future.” -Zac Martin, Stief Concrete President

We knew it would happen eventually, but we have to say that it’s bittersweet to make the official announcement: company owner, Mike Martin, officially retired on Friday, July 31st . Thirty four years ago, Mike joined Stief Concrete as a worker in the field. Over the years he learned the ins and outs of the business through hard work, dedication, and discipline. He became the “go-to” guy for most anything and everything, the king of tilt-up, and a kind generous leader, who cares first and foremost about his crew. Mike’s heart always has been and always will be with the people that he considers to be the lifeblood of the company – his employees. He is thankful to have the opportunity to continue to be involved in the business in a more “behind the scenes” kind of way (because, come on, we all know that he can’t just walk away, right??). Mike, from all of your crew: WE WILL MISS YOU!! Thank you for all that you have done for this company…and for us as individuals. Cheers to retirement!